Witan Technology is an emerging organization providing Healthcare Information and Management Services. We as a team endeavor to maintain client satisfaction and adaption to newer ideas that keeps us in business. Witan Technology provides IT-based, high quality, fast-turnaround, and competitively-priced healthcare services to Healthcare Industries in U.S. and U.K. Our inherent combination of experienced professionals, managed process, and technology ensures that the solutions we offer are of world-class quality. We are a chosen due to our cost effective and time-bound delivery of services.

In Witan Technology, starting from recruiters to Managers, all are from transcription background which gives us an edge before others to understand our business and the resources involved. We believe in hierarchy approach and this brings out the best in us.

The values we hold at Witan Technology communicate who we are and govern what we do. We are committed to developing leaders. We believe that leaders have an internal drive to continually develop themselves and others. We attract and retain the best people and remain committed to their long-term growth and development. We believe that it takes the best to deliver the best.

Our Visions & Mission


Any organization or community can only function successfully in the longer term if its members subscribe to a common set of values. Company like ours are no exception. At Witan Technology, our Vision and Mission statements are our creed for realizing our aspirations

Our vision statement

  • To become one of the best healthcare service provider in the industry
  • To provide our customers with fast and accurate reports
  • To have our transcript in every clinic and hospital
  • To help people enjoy life or offer an affordable solution to healthcare
  • To inspire our employees to be the best they can be